Our Favorite Announcement

Our hearts grew a little bit bigger this winter as Peter and I learned we are expecting a precious addition to our family. It’s true! WE ARE PREGNANT! And we are so excited to share our happy news with you all!

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I’m not sure Peter and I know how to truly express the immense joy, crazy love, or gratitude we have felt already at this point in our pregnancy. The depth of our emotions just can’t be translated to a screen because they are much too big and mighty. At the start of our attempt to expand our family, I think we both expected there to be some disappointment and heartache, a lot of patience, and more faith than we were ready to give, instead the Lord simply decided our time was now. His perfect timing and His certain decision to make us parents of this special baby will always humble me. I still can’t believe we have been so blessed.

View More: http://davidblakesleephotography.pass.us/janeil--peterView More: http://davidblakesleephotography.pass.us/janeil--peter

Truthfully, the past three months have sort of felt like a whirlwind; like we are stuck in a long anticipated dream with no desire to get out. My belly is growing by the day, I cruised through the first trimester as healthy as could be with little discomfort, and I am rejoicing in the weird and lovely terms of pregnancy. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every single day of this new adventure so far and cannot wait to meet our sweet little dream all wrapped up baby-burrito style. This time has been so very special to us. Telling our friends and family have been some of the happiest moments in our lives, and we can’t wait to further share our unique journey of pregnancy and parenthood with cystic fibrosis.

View More: http://davidblakesleephotography.pass.us/janeil--peter

Our special little babe is due to make their arrival on September 9th, 2017, but until then please join us in praying for an enjoyable, healthy, and stable pregnancy. Specifically, pray that my lungs stay clear and unchanging, I can maintain good blood sugar control, and that I am able to gain the necessary weight to keep our babe and I strong and growing. Please keep in mind our physicians who have the difficult task of managing a complex, high-risk pregnancy. We ask that you pray for wisdom, knowledge, and skill while they care for the both of us (Oh, goodness—“both us of” feels so weird to say!). Also, pray for the dad-to-be who will inevitably pick up the slack as I get more and more pregnant, and we experience a bit of transition from just two kids with a furbaby to eager parents with a human baby (+ furbaby). I know we are in for a crazy ride, but as always I appreciate your kindness, love, and support you have given our family.

Overall, we are uncontainably excited, deeply humbled; and most importantly, growing a human. We just couldn’t be happier!

View More: http://davidblakesleephotography.pass.us/janeil--peter

Stay tuned for more love and more baby,

J + P

(A big thank you to my cousin-in-law, Dave Blakeslee, at David Blakeslee Photography for capturing this special moment for us to have and to share. We are thankful for your talent!)

6 thoughts on “Our Favorite Announcement

  1. Sophie says:

    Congratulations!! Such wonderful news…. Reading this post has warmed my heart and made me feel quite emotional. I get married this year and hoping to start a family next year so really keen to hear you’re amazing story. Sending love and sunshine from Australia for a healthy pregnancy xxx


  2. helensmet says:

    Big congrats to you both!!! Thank you for sharing your life. I’m a mom of a 20-year old daughter with CF. You give us both such hope and joy. When I got home today, she couldn’t wait to tell me that “Flowerlungs” is pregnant!!! We were jumping for joy…. then returned to filling out the disability services and housing accommodations forms for her to go back to college in the fall. She tried it once, got sick in the first semester and came home after finishing the one semester. Took online courses for the last year+ and is ready to try again. I hope I am! 🙂 Thank you for your news. Made my night!!!


    • Janeil says:

      Thanks you so much for those kind words and congratulations! It makes me so happy to hear your 20 year old CFer follows along. College is TOUGH with CF but I’m so impressed she’s trying again. I learned so much about myself and tapped into a lot of self-discipline in college. I hope she does well this year 🙂 my mom felt the same way hahah… you will be so proud of her for managing it all! Xoxo


  3. Celine Meylemans says:

    Congratulations!! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and this is the most wonderful news! I have CF too and reading this gives me so much hope. Thank you for sharing your story.
    Sending lots of love and good wishes from Belgium! xxx


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