Preparing for Pregnancy, Oh My! 

Once again the great folks at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation allowed me to write for the Community Blog about a recent appointment Peter and I attended. As I write below, we are tiptoeing into the process of extending our little family and I feel honored to be able to share my experiences with an array of audience members. 

Read it here.

I realize that the journey to parenthood can be quite an intimate process- a secret kept between two partners and then eagerly shared when there is news of an actual baby. Once again, our process is a little different. There’s more planning before conception, more risk to discuss and questions to answer, and a closer watch by a large medical team (already not so intimate)- a type of process many have so little knowledge of. 

It was just this year that the CF Foundation added a portion on their website highlighting reproductive health. In 2016, we are finally ready to say having children when you have CF is plausible. It makes me incredibly happy that we are at this point in our fight on the grasp of CF, but there is a substantial lack of research and resources for women in my shoes. 

The truth is, we are our best resource. That “we” being the community of women with CF who hope to become moms and those who have simultaneously mastered both roles, patient and mother. Facebook groups, Instagram, and texting have connected me to women who have experienced it all in their journey to motherhood and they are willing to share. 

Essentially, I felt compelled to share my own intimate journey as a means to repay all the women who have offered up their own stories, experiences, advice, and encouragement to me over the last couple years. It always helps to know what you are facing, to have a source for answers to questions, or a friend to confide in. 

I hope my blog can be added to the wealth of knowledge. If by chance, young women with CF stumble upon this blog, I hope they will be encouraged to take the very best care of their bodies in preparation for what the future may hold. I hope they’ll be calmed and they’ll be informed on the hills and valleys before them. More importantly, I hope they’ll know they are supported by a group of women who understand the road to parenthood with CF may not be the smoothest, simplest, or most conventional route on the map. 



3 thoughts on “Preparing for Pregnancy, Oh My! 

  1. Laurie says:

    Please reach out to Lindsey (Peavy) Doss, my daughter. She is a cyster to you. She was diagnosed at 3 mos old and is now 26. She and her husband, Matt, are trying to get pregnant. She’s going into the hospital tomorrow because of pseudomonas exasperation. I pray every day that God will bless them with a baby .I tagged Lindsey on the Facebook post. You will always be in my prayers from this day forward! Sincerely, Laurie


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