The Funny Bits

Hello, everyone! I apologize for my month long hiatus from the blog recently. Honestly, my only excuse is that life happened and it kept me busy and away from writing. However, I’m back now and have a very exciting month of posts awaiting! Thanks for reading and supporting me as always. -J

I am convinced there are two types of people in the world: 1) those who wake up from anesthesia and cry for no reason and 2) those who wake up and act as complete fools.

I am the latter.

Things have been heavy around here, both in life and on the blog, so I wanted to share a bit of cystic fibrosis that is just plain silly. That bit being the videos your family takes of you while under the influence of both pain medications and anesthesia.

Here’s a mini compilation of some of my finest stupor-induced moments over the years.

Truthfully, sedated Janeil is one of the best versions of me. She wakes up giddy after a magical nap; she believes everyone is her friend and wishes them the happiest of holidays; and she remembers that her sister Jessica loves a hospital-cult favorite: shortbread cookies. Although she asks the doctor inappropriate questions and has no idea what personal privacy means after flashing the entire post-op staff, she is happy and perceptive of the goodness in the world.

I love watching these videos and being reminded that life doesnโ€™t have to be so serious all the time, even in those moments that seem incredibly sober– like surgery.

Today, laugh.

Better yet, thank the people who make you laugh.

Make others laugh and help them sweep away the burden that can inexplicably fill our days.

Offer smiles and compliments.

Be kind to yourself and compassionate to your enemies.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Take a breather and enjoy the goodness around you even if it forces you to act like a fool– I will not judge you.


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