Great Strides + Snazzy Tees

One of my own unfortunate personality traits is that of being a slight pushover. I really, really naturally dislike making people feel uncomfortable or requesting they do things that inconvenience them. It just makes me feel icky all over and so I do it sparingly. Bleh.

For months, I have struggled with deciding whether I should form a team for Great Strides, the annual 5k walk and fundraiser for the CF foundation, or just wait until next year. We have a lot going on in our family right now, i.e. special showers, weddings, medical diagnoses, and a new baby on way, and I figured no one really has the time to fund raise or make Great Strides a priority. And, rightly so.

The truth is, paired with those excuses, I doubt my own ability to ask people to care quite often. And even after making the Facebook event and launching the booster for team tees, I am still doubting my ability.

This has been a hard transition in my experience of battling a chronic disease: opening up enough to share this part of my life and balancing my own perceptions of making others feel uncomfortable- or better yet feeling as if I am asking them to take on a piece of my burden. Only upon doing so have I realized that the result is an overwhelming return of the most honest support and encouragement. A kind of support far greater than expected and more desired than I ever knew.


To everyone, thank you for caring, reading, carrying a piece of CF on your shoulders, and supporting my shaky vulnerability. You have shown me that it’s ok to request solace during your struggles and to wish to share in your own triumphs. I love you and will forever be grateful.

We would love to have every single one of you walk for Team Flowerlungs to support medical research and improve the quality of life for CF patients in the US on May 14th at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo! Bring a buddy and come share in a beautiful day at the zoo!

How to get involved:

1) Join our team! All we need you to do to become a member of our team is click on the “Join our Team” button. The walk is free and from there you can make a donation or start your fundraising.

2) Can’t make it the day of the walk? Be a virtual walker and donate to any of the existing team members! Your donation will be used to help improve the quality of life for CF patients all over the US.

3) Order a tshirt and wear it proudly! Proceeds from the tshirts will be happily donated to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. They are snazzy and designed by my Peter :).

With a heart full of happiness & gratitude,