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All of last week, I eagerly waited for a very special package to show up on my door step. Each day that passed, I grew more excited and finally, Friday evening the anticipation was over and there it was: my copy of Salty Girls: The Women of Cystic Fibrosis! I spent the majority of Saturday morning, coffee in hand, reading the overwhelmingly honest and brave stories and admiring the beauty of all 77 women. Each woman photographed in this book has CF and has allowed the reader an intimate and vulnerable view of what true beauty and strength looks like. The photographs show smiles, sexiness and scars, while the stories read courage, perseverance and spunk. To my fellow Salty Girls, I am amazed by all of you.

I want to publicly thank Ian Pettigrew, a Canadian photographer. He is the mastermind of this grand movement and campaign for CF awareness. He also has cystic fibrosis himself and I can imagine how tired he is at this moment. Ian has traveled the country to take each photo and he designed, composed and shipped each book all by himself. He is such a hard working man and deserves praise for being a true catalyst for change. He stood up for us when the world told him not to do it and he allowed women with CF to have a voice. He gave us a moment to be strong, beautiful and flawless, all while owning our bodies and experiences. Thank you, Ian! You have forever changed the world of CF.


Go buy a Salty Girls book and support the immense courage it took to do something never done before and display your body and vulnerability for the world to see.

2 thoughts on “Salty Girls Book

  1. Michael Kenyon says:

    Thanks for the reminder about Salty Girls! I just placed my order. I’d heard a radio interview with Ian awhile back, but had forgotten about his project until I saw your post. My wife is a CF’er.


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